Restaurant by the sea in Termoli

Poggio Costantino

For a location with such a refined and exclusive taste, we could not afford to leave out the culinary aspect, because we believe, indeed we are sure, that this is a fundamental aspect. Tasting haute cuisine dishes, a synthesis of the perfect balance between flavor and design, seal the union between guest and location, placing them in an empathic and emotional relationship.

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Poggio Costantino

Chef Nicola Vizzarri
Passion and inspiration

We have entrusted the creation of our dishes to a true champion: Nicola Vizzarri , executive chef with international experience, multiple award-winning winner of numerous national and non-national competitions, as well as a member of NIC (Italian National Chefs).

We believe in him because he is able to best interpret the concepts of creativity and tradition. A Chef with consolidated experience, but still able to dare as if it were his first day!

From an idea of the Chef

Traditional Show Cooking

Our Chef Nicola Vizzarri has created the "Show Cooking of Tradition" to make known and recover the traditions of Termolese cuisine to the new generations, in order to always maintain the balance between the choice of quality raw material at km 0 and mastery in the preparation in a luxury context.